7 Unusual Businesses

rent a cow

Business doesn't always means suits and ties, stocks and offices. It sometimes seems that people will do just about anything to accumulate money. Here are seven examples of unusual businesses which are, surprisingly, turning a profit.

1 -

Reserve a spot in Heaven

There is a website where you can reserve yourself a spot in Heaven, just in case you are scared that you might not make the cut. The company sends you a certificate in the mail to prove that you have your place, and offers a money back guarantee if you don't get in (whether or not it is possible to prove this is a different question entirely). A place in Heaven costs $15USD and there are discounts for large group bookings.

2 -

Hangover Helpers

Two people from Boulder, CO, have decided to lend a hand to their fellow partygoers by assisting them in their hungover states. The idea is that after the party you call them up and they will arrive with a burrito and some Gatorade to help cure the hangover. They will then proceed to clean every room in the house that requires it, including scrubbing the plates and recycling all the empty bottles. They're so successful they have been featured in Forbes Magazine and on CBS.

3 -


This service effectively allows you to send an anonymous message to your friend containing a fresh cologne wipe and a note stating that somebody thinks they smell bad. The company assures their customers that all packages are untraceable so if your friend really does take offence, there is no way to find out that it came from you.

4 -

Pet Rock

The concept here is that animals have been proven to reduce stress and to provide companionship, however some people are just too busy to look after and care for a pet. A rock doesn't require feeding, walking, grooming or neutering, so it is effectively the ultimate pet. The rock came with an instructional manual that informed owners how to teach it commands like "sit", "fetch", and even "attack". The original product was discontinued in 1976, however the owner had sold over 1.5million rocks at $4 each.

5 -

The Something Store

This is a website which will charge you $10 and then deliver a product to your house with a value of equal to or more than what you initially paid. The catch is that you have no idea what the "something" might be. This seems like a strange concept, however the company has sold over 200,000 somethings since opening in 2007.

6 -

Potato Parcel

This service allows you to send a message of fifteen words or less written on the side of a potato. Once requested, the potato with the message will be delivered to your chosen recipient. You can even print photos and postcards on the side of your potato. The company also filters all requests with hateful and threatening messages.

7 -

Rent a cow

In Switzerland it is possible to rent the services of a cow without actually owning one. This entitles the renter to all of the milk and cheese that the cow produces and allows them to visit and milk the cow if they so desire. They can also watch their designated cow over a webcam.

It just goes to show that although people may laugh at your crazy ideas, they still has the potential to become a profitable and functioning business. The absurdity of your business can even become a selling point, particularly now with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to spread the message.